Premiere: Opening of the first portable precast plant (N3P) by NEULANDT in West Africa

The portable precast plant (N3P) by NEULANDT was opened for the first time in Abidjan, marking a significant step towards the industrialisation of the construction sector in West Africa.

The industrialisation of construction in Africa is a major task that must be driven forward with increasing urgency. The reason: the world’s population is growing steadily. Housing and a wide variety of infrastructures are needed – quickly, cost-effectively and in good and long lasting quality.

NEULANDT stands for breaking new grounds, where new living spaces, commercial and infrastructure will arise. With the opening of the first mobile field factory on March 23, 2023, NEULANDT Côte d’Ivoire is part of laying the foundation for local ecosystems to achieve industrialisation of construction. The goal is to contribute addressing the tremendous gap in affordable housing and infrastructure demand in West Africa and beyond.

Technology for fast Construction 

The plant is mobile and can be setup directly at the desired construction site. The factory is designed to have a highly efficient production process and outstanding quality of concrete precast elements combined with a remarkable cost effectiveness. The core is the innovative and patented butterfly technology. With the hinged steel formwork (in the shape of a butterfly), horizontal preparation and vertical concreting in the battery is possible. The production process in combination with our planning services creates an efficiently timed process that allows for consistently high quality and simple plug-and-play construction thanks to the integrated infrastructure.
The cost and time advantages of an N3P construction site can be transparently calculated in comparison to a usual construction site. The time savings are mainly due to the standardised production process with the butterfly technology. The cost advantages result from the pre-planned and timed precast production directly on the construction site in connection with locally semi-skilled labour. The high quality level results from the standardised procurement, production and control processes. Since the N3P is a mobile solution, the plant remains at the construction site only for the duration of construction and can thereafter be easily relocated to the next site.

Dr. Wolfgang Litzlbauer, Chairman of the Board, Umdasch Group AG: “With the N3P, we achieve local value creation and high process efficiency, leading to sustainable as well as affordable living space and infrastructure all over the world. This is our answer to the enormous challenges of increasing urbanisation.”

Premiere: First Portable Precast Plant by NEULANDT in Abidjan

In order to take the industrialisation of the construction industry in West Africa to the next level, the first portable precast plant was opened in Abidjan. This means that NEULANDT supports the development of the construction industry in Côte d’Ivoire with the economic and efficient production of precast concrete elements on site. However, Côte d’Ivoire is the hub for knowledge and technology transfer. From there, the transnational technology concept and the construction expertise are transported across the entire the continent. This is done with a local team of about 100 experts and through cooperation with local companies, investors and developers. Our international team therefore specifically addresses the heterogeneity and the needs of the different African markets.

With the new location in Abdijan, not only a production site was established, but also a complete ecosystem on site. The full value chain is offered: Support from planning to engineering to on-site installation, including on-site supply of assembly and support to secure financing for the purchase of a N3P. The plant will be able to produce up to 1000m2 of walls per day. The goal is the implementation of large-scale projects such as apartment buildings, infrastructure projects, etc. A two-shift operation enables, for example, the production of 400 units multistore buildings per year.

Richard Lorant, Country Manager, NEULANDT Cote d’Ivoire

“Our mission is to provide all players and stakeholders in the construction sector with initial insights, inspiration and support along the path to industrialisation, while collaborating with large-scale projects, mainly in the social and economic domain. In this respect, the NEULANDT site will serve many purposes – for example, production, training and services. But above all, it will be a place where people can come together to share knowledge concerning project implementation.”

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