Saving time, money, and CO2 are the main benefits of our portable precast plant.

Around the globe, housing and infrastructure are needed faster than they can be built using conventional methods. In response to the rapidly growing demands in the construction industry, industrialisation is making its way into all sectors. Applying industrialisation to control the factors of construction time, costs, and quality is the key to successfully completing a project. A high degree of prefabrication brings these factors into harmony. To achieve this aim, the production of precast concrete elements is becoming ever more important in modern construction processes. When the production of elements also takes place onsite, that is, directly at the construction site, all the benefits of a precast plant come into play.

Construction worker walks through N3P precast plant

Main Benefits of the N3P portable precast plant:

  • Locally added value by making use of a local supply chain and workforce
  • Globally mobile
  • Highest productivity owing to the butterfly technology

The N3P mobile precast plant has many benefits. As a flexible, modular, and scalable solution, it adapts optimally to your project and requirements. The N3P supports all types of building and precast construction methods. Whether apartment buildings, villas, or townhouses, single or multistorey – or in the commercial sector, such as office buildings or supermarkets – everything is possible. N3P is also ideally suited to the infrastructure sector; for example, hospitals, car parks, and noise barriers for road or rail traffic. We can provide solutions specifically adapted to this field. In short, any kind of concrete panel that has a maximum size of 7 x 3 x 0.2m and is flush on all sides can be produced in the N3P.

The benefits of an onsite precast plant.

N3P is NEULANDT’s solution for efficient construction. The cost and time savings an N3P construction site provides you can be calculated more transparently than those of a usual construction site. By taking advantage of the standardised production process using the butterfly technology, you will reliably save time. The cost advantages result from the pre-planned and synchronised prefabricated part production directly at the construction site in connection with local semi-skilled labour. The high quality level results from standardised procurement, production, and control processes. Financing times are also significantly reduced.

N3P in Kenya

Find out more about the N3P in use at the production of the first show house in Kenya.

Another benefit of our mobile precast plant: You can build anything anywhere!

The N3P can be used for any type of building and any kind of precast construction method. Both houses made of single panels and modular housing units can be constructed. The precast elements can be used in the following business sectors:


3D rendering of several villas illustrates the benefit of building residential projects with the N3P portable precast plant
  • Apartment buildings
  • Flats
  • Villas and townhouses with one or more floors
  • student accommodation
  • etc.


3D rendering of offices illustrates the benefit of building commercial projects with the N3P portable precast plant
  • Office buildings
  • Supermarkets
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping centres
  • Warehouses
  • Medical offices
  • etc.


3D rendering of a hospital illustrates the benefit of building infrastructure projects with the N3P portable precast plant
  • Hospitals
  • Car parks
  • Noise protection walls
  • Schools
  • Railway fencing
  • Airports
  • etc.


Recognising and solving tomorrow’s challenges today is definitely a benefit of the onsite N3P precast plant.

The NEULANDT N3P portable precast plant brings you sustainable solutions to overcome the unique challenges of the future. It has been designed for the economic manufacturing of precast concrete elements at the actual construction site, ensuring the highest levels of productivity and structural quality. The N3P is a solution that creates value for all stakeholders.

Overview graphic of the precast plant’s benefits

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You want to design structures with the N3P?

Leverage the benefits of the N3P portable precast plant for your building project:

Your benefit with N3P:

Cost effectiveness:

  • Increased acessability to affordable homes, due to reduced cost


  • Establishment of new quality standards in the affordable sector.
  • High quality shell construction leading to reduces cost for finishing works


  • Create visible results quickly

Other benefits:

  • Increase employment and stabilise the labour market
  • Generate additional tax revenues from raw materials, labour, services
  • Enhance education
  • Create local value
  • Stimulate the construction ecosystem

Fulfil the set affordable housing agenda by delivering visible results. Meet the wishes of the electorate.

Your benefit with N3P:

Cost effectiveness:

  • Reduced costs for the plant investor leads to better margins
  • Lower-cost real estate means higher sales at a lower price


  • Increase the quality of low-cost housing
  • Increase the chances of selling units through higher quality in low cost housing
  • Reduce the cost of finishing works
  • More financed projects and the quality of financiers increases


  • Quicker return on investment and visible results in a short time
  • Realisation of significantly more projects through short construction times
  • Long-term investment with quick return

Look for a return on investment. Low risk and tangible investments. More projects to invest in.

Your benefit with N3P:

Cost effectiveness:

  • Reduced costs enable more people to afford a home
  • Reduce costs to save money yet still build houses


  • Increase the quality of low-cost housing
  • Reduce costs of finishing work
  • Increasing reputation and marketability


  • Reduced financing periods
  • Faster sales of units
  • Development of more projects through shorter construction times

Return on investment. Maximise project pipeline. Visible results quickly.

Your benefit with N3P:

Cost effectiveness:

  • Reduced wastage
  • Reduced transportation
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Reduced finishing costs


  • Reduced finishing works
  • Good quality in the final product


  • Building on time (meet deadlines)
  • Short construction times fill the project pipeline which leads to more projects

Increase margins. Higher reputation. Increase capacity for big projects.


  • Good work and a good reputation
  • dentify themselves with their work
  • Eliminate inefficiencies in the industry
  • More projects
  • Any benefit in regards to time, cost, and quality


  • Increase demand for their products
  • Create a long-term steady predictable revenue stream


  • Formal employment
  • Receive education in working with a different methodology
  • Improved salary prospects


  • Own a quality home
  • Affordable home
  • Short-term debt