NEULANDT as a supplier of technological innovations

Business Case: The N3P technology in use at the production of the first show house in Kenya (September, 2021)

To make affordable housing accessible to the masses in Kenya, new concepts need to be developed. This is where the technology from our portable precast plant N3P comes in. The N3P revolves around innovative butterfly formwork technology, which is based on hinged steel formwork. This technology enables wall and ceiling elements (including box-outs for openings, reinforcement and built-in technical fittings) to be prepared ergonomically in a horizontal position, before the concrete is poured in a vertical position in the battery. Used in combination with our planning and service tools, the N3P results in an efficient production process cycle while the integrated infrastructure enables a constantly high level of quality and a simple ‘plug & play’ method of construction.

With the construction of the NEULANDT show house at the NCA Show Ground, new doors are open for the domestic construction industry. The good quality of an N3P precast element house is now visible and tangible.

Key facts of the show house: 43 sqm bungalow, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and 1 living room with kitchen. To feel the quality of the precast elements for yourself, one of the bedroom is still in shell condition.

Construction site in Kenya: Impressions