Our history of origin

Since NEULANDT was founded in 2019, we have specialised in the active development of future-oriented construction solutions. N3P – the portable high-performance plant for the industrial production of precast concrete elements is our solution for overcoming the challenges that are faced the world over. Driven by passion and expertise, we are setting new benchmarks and transforming tomorrow’s living spaces for hundreds of people.

Who are we?

In early 2023, the first mobile precast factory was opened in Abidjan to drive forward the industrialization of the construction industry in West Africa. In addition to the comprehensive technology and service package, the site acts as a central hub for the transfer of knowledge and technology across the entire continent. This is achieved with a local team of around 100 experts and through close cooperation with local companies, investors and developers.

What “NEULANDT” stands for

NEULANDT stands for “new land” and breaking new grounds, where new living spaces will arise. The spelling refers to the melting of the two German words (Land) and city (Stadt).

Desert landscape depicted in an illustrated house with drawing of a butterfly in N3P precast plant

Reason of existence

The world’s population is constantly growing. An increasing number of people will be living in metropolitan areas. In many parts of the world, there is a lack of affordable living space. There is also a shortage of buildings such as schools, hospitals and offices.

Our aim is to significantly increase the efficiency of construction projects, ensure a consistent level of quality and create added value locally by using our unique butterfly formwork technology and efficient planning and production process. This allows us to respond to the increasing global demand for affordable living spaces.

The home for better spaces.

The Umdasch Group, with its business units Doka und umdasch The Store Makers, is transforming itself into an international specialist for spaces. Technology and sustainability are important cornerstones in this process.

The Umdasch Group’s innovation hub Umdasch Group Ventures GmbH is working on new business models in the core area of construction and retail. NEULANDT Côte d’Ivoire SARL is a 100% subsidiary of the Umdasch Group Ventures GmbH.

With more than 170 sales and logistics facilities in over 60 countries, the Umdasch Group employs 8,400 people worldwide. The family-owned company generated a turnover of € 1.788 billion in 2022.

Doka accomplishes this by using innovative foirmwork and scaffolding solutions to create living spaces and workspaces by renewing infrastrucutre for  essential improvements in the quality of life enjoyed by many people.

umdasch The Store Makers set these standards in the form of exceptional store concepts, shop fittings and digital solutions for the optimization of the retail business.