NEULANDT supports healthcare infrastructure which can be later reused for living space

Currently, and for the time being, we are experiencing a worldwide crisis due to COVID-19. Among other impacts, this pandemic results in immediate shortages of rooms for patient care: self-testing pods, isolation housing, quarantine stations and hospital capacities. NEULANDT has developed an interesting concept to help to combat the spread of COVID-19 and to re-use these buildings for affordable housing afterwards. In other words, buildings used for medical purposes such as hospitals can be transformed into living spaces based on smart secondary-use-concepts.

A sample of a modular unit, which contains four rooms equipped with bathrooms and airlocks.

NEULANDT 3P (N3P) is a portable precast plant, which is designed for swift setup and highly productive operation directly at the construction site. The N3P convinces with its integrated infrastructure (including cranes and tent), its high productivity and efficient workflows. The technology combines the advantages of our internationally patented butterfly technology and battery mold and therefore enables industrial mass production of precast concrete wall elements and slabs. Within some weeks after placing the order, the plant is shipped from our stock to the respective production site. Our so-called Project Delivery Teams train and oversee assembly of the plant, ensure training of the local workforce as well as assist production ramp-up to target productivity levels. The concept of on-site production optimizes logistics processes, saves damages, transportation routes and connected cost and time. By procuring materials locally and employing local workers, the N3P makes a sustainable contribution to regional value creation.

NEULANDT portable precast plant from the outside

Main Benefits

  • Immediate remedy for medical care

  • The usage of the butterfly technology, which enables you to react quickly

  • The reuse for affordable housing

  • Ready for Delivery

  • Portable Precast Plant is available just in time from our existing stock

  • Global Mobility

  • Portable Precast Plant designed to manufacture at any desired project location

  • Assembly and disassembly of the plants in only 4 weeks

  • Proven transportation system for fast and efficient loading and unloading

  • “Plug & Play” Plant

  • Integrated technical infrastructure

  • Integrated cranes 2 x 12.5 [tons]

  • Weatherproof tent

  • Local Content Value

  • Employment, training and operation of N3P with local workforce (of any previous skill level)

  • Local material management, supply and transportation

  • Highest Productivity

  • Output of each plant per year: 6 hospitals comprising 400 bedrooms each

  • Repurpose as affordable homes

Christine Fasching, Head of Sales and Business Development at NEULANDT in a blazer and a blouse

“We firmly believe that these tasks of national dimension can be best solved with an international team/cooperation”, Head of Sales & Business Development NEULANDT

NEULANDT is currently in the process of grouping a number of experienced and strong partners from various related business fields under one umbrella to remedy this challenge. Everyone is warmly invited to join and contribute to the alliance. At the moment, we have approximately 30 stakeholders, who announced their interest to join our alliance. We are currently exploring the possibilities to setup a project in UEMOA & Middle East– stay tuned.

#teamup #jointforces #strongertogether

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Contact details:

Christine Fasching

Head of Sales and Business Development NEULANDT GmbH

Dirk Fricke

Sales and Business Development NEULANDT GmbH

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