Launch of our first disruptive innovation: NEULANDT 3P – Your Portable Precast Plant

By 2050 the population will grow to 9.7 billion. 70% will live in urban areas.

  • How can the increasing demand for affordable housing be met?

  • How can the productivity of construction processes be increased to save time and money?

NEULANDT portable precast plant from the outside

Our answer:
Neulandt 3P – Your Portable Precast Plant.

NEULANDT 3P is a mobile field factory for the production of precast segments for affordable housing.

Icon of house and Euro sign illustrates affordable housing, light bulb with a check illustrates the butterfly technology, icon of truck illustrates mobility, icon of two people and a pin illustrates regional value creation and a timer with a rising arrow illustrates efficiency

Mobile field factory: Production of precast segments anywhere in the world.

3P stands for Portable Precast Plant and is designed to be setup directly at the desired project location. The factory and its integrated infrastructure (e.g. crane) are transported to the site in approximately 40 containers. After the short assembly time of about four weeks, the production is ready to get started.

Transports are significantly reduced through on-site production. This results in time and cost savings as well as quick reaction times and high process quality due to central co-ordination of all supply chain and production processes.

The factory is operated by a local workforce. The regional value creation is increased through local production and procurement.

Illustration of the portable precast plant N3P, with all six parts of the mobile field factory

Innovative solution: The butterfly technology for high productivity.

The portable precast plant combines the advantages of butterfly technology with battery mold.

The butterfly technology enables the separation of preparation works to be carried out at different work stations. Therefore, the number of casts in the battery mold can be significantly increased.

The butterfly is a foldable steel mold which is prepared for an easy fitting of rebar and installation inserts in an ergonomic manner. The precast segment dimensions can vary within 6.80m x 2.90m. Thicknesses are adjustable from 7cm to 20cm.

The production concept allows a high degree of prefabrication (windows, doors, installations) and a cost-effective industrial mass production of houses.

The result: High quality finished precast segments.

High quality finished precast segments with consistent quality through a weather-independent production process.The finalization of the bodyshell is significantly more efficient and cost-effective than stationary plants due to the high surface quality of the finished parts on both sides.The connection technology for precast segments can be freely chosen according to local standards and guidelines.

NEULANDT 3P is the ideal solution for affordable housing: social, cost-effective, fast and a solid construction. The annual output per factory is 200,000 to 230,000 m² prefabricated segments which results in more than 1,000 houses with 45m² net living area.

Nine panels of the precast concrete are curing at the final curing yard


NEULANDT GmbH was founded in 2018 as a subsidiary of the Umdasch Group NewCon GmbH. Umdasch Group NewCon is the operational arm of Umdasch Group Ventures GmbH, which is the visionary Innovation Hub of the Umdasch Group. Exclusively focusing on potentially disruptive technologies and business models in construction and retail. As a subsidiary of the Umdasch Group with over 7,800 employees in 70 countries, we operate from a strong group with a history of 150 years.

You want to know more?

Please just contact our 3P team to receive more details and insights!
The first 3P is currently operated in Amstetten and can be visited there.
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Your contact person: Ms. Christine Fasching

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