NEULANDT’s mobile field factory N3P combines many benefits. In addition to the production of precast concrete elements, it also promotes the training of local employees. And it enables all stakeholders to exchange knowledge about the industrialisation of the construction industry and the implementation of large construction projects.

Faster, more efficient construction:

With the N3P 1,000 m² of precast elements (1,000 m² of reinforced concrete wall elements) can be produced per day directly at the construction site.

Regional value creation:

Many local employees are hired and trained by the NEULANDT team. This brings work, income, knowledge transfer and high value creation to the people in the region.

Local support:

Investors receive extensive support from us. We advise and help with financing, planning and engineering offices, installation, and supplying materials.

Forward-looking cooperation:

Actors and interest groups in the construction sector are given initial insights, education and support on the path to industrialisation. This has the aim of working together, especially on large-scale projects in the social and economic sectors.

Horizontal preparation of precast concrete elements