We recommend a grid-based design for buildings, where individual lengths combine to make a length of 6.80 m wherever possible.

Try to standardise your buildings as much as you can. In other words, use the same length of walls, and the same dimension of doors, windows, and wall openings to reduce the number of different types of elements. Consider load transfer in the structure and adopt a ‘wall-on-wall’ design. A good approach is to start the design process with the uppermost storey of a building. Further design considerations are implemented in the NEULANDTengine software, which is specially developed software tailor-made for the N3P Portable Precast Plant.

The algorithm of this software calculates relevant restrictions and criteria, such as:
The maximum size and weight of a panel, the position of components such as connectors and lifting anchors and correct distribution of the panels on the butterfly.